Shop for the Co-op! Order Unique Gifts from Original Works

Help the co-op, highlight your children's artistic talent (they grow up fast!) and get yourself ready for the holiday season!

Once again, the co-op will be teaming up with Original Works, a company which helps turn your child's artwork into products to "wear and share." Calendars, notecards, canvas bags, mugs, night lights, and t-shirts are only some of the possibilities.  And the best part: a significant portion of each item ordered goes directly to the co-op. (Check out the array of products here: )

With the help of the teachers, each child has created a special piece of artwork designed for you to use for this program if you so desire. The artwork, along with an order form, price list, and more information will go home with your child this week. Completed order forms, payment, as well as the art work can be returned to the office in a box labeled ORIGINAL WORKS that will collected daily. Alert your caregivers as well, so they can put this packet in a special place for you to review.  Items will be shipped to the co-op and distributed directly to you at the very beginning of December.

The deadline for ordering is November 3rd.

And by all means, if your child has other favorite artwork, or if you have older children whose artwork you'd like to use, feel free to include or use them for your order.  A few suggested guidelines for the type of artwork that reproduces best can be found here.   

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Wilt at