A Very Special Goal for This Year's Auction

It's the Co-op's biggest night of the year! Here, from the Auction committee, are some exciting and important details about the big event.

What is the Auction?

The Auction is our school’s biggest fundraiser, and it’s also a fun and fabulous night for grown-ups!

The event is Thursday, April 14, from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. at Purpl, the beautiful space run by our very own Co-op parents Sarah and Adel Hinawi.

Here’s what the evening has in store:

·      Gourmet buffet dinner by Roquette Catering of Brooklyn

·      Live music by drummer/steel drummer/singer-songwriter Peter Barr

·      Open bar with signature Co-op themed cocktails

·      Silent auction featuring original art, food and wine experiences, kids’ activities, gift certificates from local businesses, and much more

·      Exclusive and once-in-a-lifetime live auction featuring priceless art and experiences

Tickets will be sold online beginning Thursday, March 31, for $50.  

Why is this year’s Auction special?

In August 2016, the Co-op will celebrate 10 years in our warm and welcoming space at 7 Farragut Avenue.

Just over 10 years ago, however, we came very close to not having a Co-op. Our old space, in the Unitarian Society, sustained a major flood. Three feet of water destroyed nearly everything. But instead of admitting defeat, the Co-op community came together on a grand scale. A new space was secured. All the classrooms were renovated, and the 4s classroom was created from completely raw space. New furniture. New supplies. New toys.

Special recognition belongs to the American Legion, who provided a temporary home free of charge, and to alum parent Jason Fein, who went above and beyond to make sure all the classrooms had what they needed. It was a labor of love by the Co-op community of parents and teachers—but also an unavoidably expensive undertaking. Loans were taken out to cover the construction and renovation costs and the costs of outfitting all the new classrooms.

In an incredible achievement, the Co-op has paid off more than $100,000 thanks to the passion and generosity of parents, teachers, and the local community.

All that remains is one small business loan that we continue to chip away at.

To honor the 10th anniversary in our beloved space, we want to allow the Co-op to begin its next 10 years debt-free.

So we are setting a big, fat, audacious goal for this year’s Auction: let’s raise $25,000 and pay off that loan.

Erasing this debt will allow more than $3,000 a year to be redirected toward programming and enrichment for our children, and toward retaining the finest teachers. That is an amount that will make a real difference in the annual operations of the Co-op.

What else will the Auction’s profits help support? Every year, Auction proceeds are dedicated in part to funding end-of-year teacher bonuses—an important way to support our teachers and thank them for their priceless contributions.

Can we come together and do something incredible for our school? It has happened before and I know we can make it happen again.

It is also important to note that this school year marks the 15th anniversary of Irene and Cindy being co-directors of Hastings Nursery School. Let’s use this Auction as a way to come together and celebrate their leadership, passion, and commitment, and to invest in the future of the Co-op. Cindy and Irene, as well as all the wonderful Co-op teachers, nurture and encourage our children. But they also care for us as parents. Sharing encouragement and words of wisdom. Sharing perspective. Sharing compassion and understanding.

For this special anniversary-year Auction, let’s give as generously as we can to the Co-op community that gives us so much!