I'm happy to pass this along, from your auction co-chairs:

We are thrilled to share that, thanks to the incredible generosity of our Co-op community, this year’s Auction raised nearly $23,000! Thank you to everyone who joined us to make Auction night so much fun, bid online, bought teacher wish list items, bid silently, or bid loud and proud at the Live Auction! Together we have achieved something special for our kids and our school.

The Auction would not be possible without the generosity of individuals and organizations who donate items and services. We are fortunate to have many in our community with exceptional talents to share and local businesses that are extremely supportive. Please visit our Supporters  and join us in saying thank you.

Special thanks also go to the Auction committee, to Ann Marie Gunther, to Adel and Sarah Hinawi for the beautiful Purpl space, and to auctioneers Joe Seely and Jeremy Rynders—true stars of the evening!

The success of this year’s Auction speaks to what a special place the Co-op is and what a special community of people it creates.

With many thanks,

Dorothy and Susannah

Auction Co-Chairs