For Your Child

Co-directors Cindy Nibur and Irene Wemer share almost 40 years of teaching experience; and Irene, the Educational Director, holds dual Master’s degrees in childhood and special education. Our staff consists of highly-experienced teachers and assistants, with the additional presence of a parent on site most days. The adult-child ratio in the two’s classes is 1-to-5; in the three’s it is either 1-to-4 or 1-to-5, depending on the room; in the four’s it is 1-to-8.

Every child is a unique blend of physical, social, emotional and intellectual abilities. With that in mind, we strive to make school a place where everyone can feel respected and encouraged. Our first goal is to get to know the children individually, so that we can then help them to build a healthy self-image within a framework of respect for others. Children are supported in finding positive ways to communicate their needs and ideas. Artwork, family photos and other personal materials are on display throughout the year, reinforcing the diverse personalities of our students as well each person’s importance to the group.

We encourage children to understand and accept each other, to work together and build friendships. The classrooms are lively, productive spaces that provide opportunities to participate in both small and large groups. Cooperative activities are a part of each school day, not only when making art projects or sitting together at circle-time, but also when putting away toys or washing up before snack. Pretend play, such as dress-up and housekeeping, enable children to explore family and community roles. Holiday celebrations and other collective events foster a sense of the school as a whole.

Children have an innate desire to learn, and our program offers them a variety of challenging activities. Our curriculum emphasizes phonemic awareness, social competence and conflict resolution skills. Learning units range from the seasons, colors and emotions, to plant and ocean life, the human body, recycling and modern art. Building, counting games and puzzles develop problem-solving and social skills. Process-oriented art projects, hands-on cooking sessions, and lots of sand and water play all expand sensory experience and fine motor development. We also maintain a spacious, private playground, where the children go out each day except in inclement weather. 

Our enrichment program is designed to help children expand their knowledge of themselves and the world. Regular visits from both a professionally trained music teacher and a child movement specialist bring out their natural love for music and movement. Community professionals such as animal naturalists, artists, firefighters, authors, dentists and others visit the classrooms and share their expertise. We make a number of field trips each year to explore our community, and our program also introduces an appreciation for multi-cultural experiences by celebrating a spectrum of world holidays.